Shop With Me: Salthouse Mercantile

It's been over a month since I stepped foot in the cutest store ever, Salt House Mercantile, but I'm a slacker and haven't gotten to blogging about it. What can I say.. it's on my New Year's resolutions list to get better about blogging more often (that and a few hundred other things, maybe I'll do a post on that too).

A few years back, I wrote a post about my cousin's shop on Bainbridge Island here in Washington, called Salt & Sea Vintage Home. Since then my cousin closed up that shop and relocated just across the street into a much larger space. She calls the new shop, Salt House Mercantile.

I loved her old store and I love her new shop just as much. The way she styles the store just blows me away. If I opened up a shop (which is on my dream list to do) I'd have my shop looking very similar.

Here's some photos for you to take a visual shopping trip with me.

First I have to show you how we get there. No trip to Bainbridge would not be complete without a ferry ride over from Seattle and taking photos like a tourist. I just love this skyline, and especially with our new Wheel (which I have yet to ride).

Sort of a grey day since it was in December after all, but it wasn't raining and I wore just a light sweater and cotton jacket.

On to the store...

See, isn't it SOO good! Carrie, my cousin, told me she's expecting even more new inventory and I can't wait to go back again. She has a great mix of vintage pieces and new pieces and great teas, olive oils, jams, etc. for any of you "foodies" as well. You can visit her Facebook page here for more photos.

 A trip to the island also means hitting Doc's Marina Grill. The clam chowder is to die for and the clams were quite yummy as well. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

A night shot coming back into Seattle after our day of walking and shopping around the cute island of Bainbridge. If you are a local, I highly recommend you head on over there. It's such a fun day trip. If you are not a local, but ever come to Seattle this is a must as well. If gives you the fun experience of riding on the ferry and seeing some amazing views along the way, and Bainbridge is truly a very cute town, with many other cute shops and yummy places to dine at.

So, what goodie did I come away with at her shop this time?

This vintage olive bucket. I've been wanting one forever, and I just couldn't resist. It's  really big and I hope to fill it from driftwood pieces from the area.

Thanks for coming on my little shopping trip. I hope to take you on some more in the future.


A Simple Porch Decorating Idea and Link Up Party

I was unable to show photos of our front door and porch area in my Christmas tour due to many gray and rainy days. Today was a clear day and we just cleaned up after our little wind storm from last week, so I thought I'd show you how I decorated this area.


This is a simple and easy thing for anyone to do for their own entry. I purchased the 2 door wreaths from Costco and  made bows for them with plaid wired ribbon from a local craft store.

The ribbon on the lights were bought for $1 or $2 from Michaels. They had them at Target as well. They are outdoor resistant so  I use them year after year.

For the pots, I actually stole the idea from my mom. I got plain small wreaths from Lowe's ( they come with the red ribbon) for $9.99 each. Then I filled the middle with pinecones and little bulb ornaments. Voila! Je suis finite. (How do you like that 4 years of french? lol.)

Today you can link up your holiday home here! I'd really love to see it. And I'll show off my favorites later this week.

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